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  • My friends tell me I’m easily inspired.

    Two years ago, I walked around with a tree guide in my back pocket hoping to learn all about the native trees in our area. Before that, I bought a harmonica (key of C... big mistake) and aspired to play one mad harp! I began shooting my freshman year at Indiana University when I took an intro. to photography class. It didn't take long before I was inspired again! Ask me about trees or harps and I will gladly tell you all about them. Ask me about photography and, five hours later, you will regret you ever did : )

    After God and family, photography consumes me.

    Photo by Henry Photography

365 Days in Photos, Week 4

I’ve always been intrigued by bagpipes. Not really sure why. I don’t particularly care for the sound or the face that one has to make when playing it. I do think there is something special about the tradition in bagpipes, though. Not only that, but it’s niche. How often do you run across someone that plays a bagpipe? Never. I think it’s that reason that it’s so captivating when I see someone playing one of these.

Today was a bagpipe kind of day. Only at Culver could you expect to see a full pipe and drum band.

Mike Maddox Culver Pipes Bend Manager - July 13, 2014 - 9:06 am

Thank you so much what a great job we really appreciate everything Mike maddox

365 Days in Photos, Week 3

Three weeks in and I’m definitely finding the challenge in a 365 project. Sometimes I just pick up the camera and take a walk. Other times I wait until the last second and have to pull something off before bed. But every once in a while I luck out and walk right into an opportunity. That’s what happened below. This is one of my favorite photos this year. I was out for an early morning walk at work, camera in hand, and stumbled across some of the best light I’ve seen all year. Couple that with some iconic architecture and you have a winner.

If you want to see my other photos from this week, you can head over to my 365 Flickr Set.

365 Days in Photos, Week 2

I’m twenty days into my 365 project (and haven’t missed a day). Is it work? Yes. It is pretty dang fun? YES! This week I got a new pair of TOMS, drank hot chocolate on a bitter cold day, found some incredible light, played an Amish card game, and got certified in higher education web analytics.

Hope you had a great week. As always, you can leave some comments below or head over to my 365 set on Flickr.