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  • My friends tell me I’m easily inspired.

    Two years ago, I walked around with a tree guide in my back pocket hoping to learn all about the native trees in our area. Before that, I bought a harmonica (key of C... big mistake) and aspired to play one mad harp! I began shooting my freshman year at Indiana University when I took an intro. to photography class. It didn't take long before I was inspired again! Ask me about trees or harps and I will gladly tell you all about them. Ask me about photography and, five hours later, you will regret you ever did : )

    After God and family, photography consumes me.

    Photo by Henry Photography

Jimmy + Feli

I’ve known Jimmy for a long time – 25 years to be exact. We’ve shared a lot of “interesting” experiences together over the years. There was the time that he pooped all over the fire truck, the time that he drove the golf cart in the creek, and the time we decided it would be fun to pee down the tube slide at the school. Jimmy introduced me to Matisyahu, protein shakes, and WWF wrestling. He stole my cologne for my entire young adult life and never let me listen to the Aladdin soundtrack on vacations.

You only get the opportunity to take engagement photos of your older brother once, and Saturday was that day! Congratulations Jimmy and Feli. I can’t wait to be a part of your wedding day.

An Engagement Story

It’s no secret that Canon has forged new paths for video using a DSLR. In fact, the entire season finale of House was filmed using Canon DSLR’s. I’ve always wanted to play around with video on my 5D Mark II, but never really had the time or patients for it.

However, after spending the evening with a videographer at a wedding last week and having a huge need for someone that can do video interviews at Culver, I decided to start playing around with it.

Here is my first video with the Mark II. What better story to tell than that of your own engagement :)

Let me know what you think!

Garrison Parades

Usually when you think of military parades, you probably envision the Chinese or Koreans marching through the middile of town hauling around their WMD’s. It wasn’t until I came to Culver that I understood what the military parade was for.

Traditionally, it is used to “pass in review” where a select few will judge the profesionalism and exactness of the troops passing by. At Culver, it’s more of a tool to teach the students leadership.

It definitly looks a little odd and cult-like at first, but when get the opportunity to really watch and take it all in, you begin to appreciate the tradition and history that is still being passed down at this school.

Here are a couple photos of a Culver Garrison Parade taken during our Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Britney L. - July 27, 2011 - 11:28 pm

Trent! These are some of my favorite photos from you. You should have posted them on facebook too! Good work :)